Just nearby


Visit WOW PARK Billund – 12 km
Get your body, play and imagination going. Try yourself in the wild forest - everything from Tarzans slopes and suspension bridges to underground caves and cable cars. A great trip for the whole family!
One day in Legoland® – 12 km
Legoland® and Givskud ZOO tickets can be purchased at the campsite's reception. Legoland® is Denmark's most famous and loved amusement park among families with children and children of all ages.
LEGO®House – 12 km
Take a full day out to play and fun. LEGO®House is also called "Home of the Brick" and is a unique experience house. Here the whole family can experience the joy of creative play, learning, design and technology.
Lalandia® – 12 km
A break from everyday life. A world full of play and wonderful moments awaits when the trip goes to Lalandia®. The tropical water park in Lalandia Billund is Northern Europe's largest and one of Denmark's biggest holiday attractions.
Givskud Zoo – 18 km
Experience a day in the world of animals! Bring your family on safari in your own car or drive with Givskud Zoo's safari bush and get close to the animals. Here is a great memory for both young and old.
Be Happy Pass
When staying at Randbøldal Camping, you can have your own BE HAPPY PASS, which is your passport to the world's best children's vacation! Consult the front desk.
Vandel Gokart – 10 min by car
Who is the fastest in a go-cart? Gambling is intensity for all, and outdoor gambling does not require any experience - nor the weather.
Bindeballe Købmandsgård – 10 min by car
Founded in 1897, the merchant's farm is a very special place and in full operation in the original buildings. Personal service and museum!
Vejle – 20 km
Experience gastronomy at Michelin restaurant, art and architecture at Fjordenhus and the colorful umbrella sky in Vejle City.
Koldinghus – 30 min by car
Koldinghus is a royal castle in Kolding, founded in the 13th century. The castle, the restoration and the museum at Koldinghus are today sights.
Egtvedpigens Grav – 20 min by car
Egtvedpigen is one of Denmark's best-preserved finds from the bronze ages. A meeting that is unique - and also worldwide
Jellingestenen – 20 min by car
Around 965, Harald Blåtand traveled the Great Runestone in Jelling. Take the family out and explore the rivers of the beautiful Jelling Stone.
The Experience Center at Kongernes Jelling
The Experience Center offers a unique and super modern sensory experience regarding the life and legacy of the Vikings.
Engelsholm slot
The Renaissance castle Engelsholm is beautifully situated on the banks of Engelsholm Lake, surrounded by forest and park. Regular interviews are held regularly. classical concerts with public access.
Randbøldal Museum
Take the food basket and experience the nature, history and craftsmanship of Randbøldal. There is free admission to the museum.
Tørskind Grusgrav
Tørskind Grusgrav is located in Vejle Ådal. The gravel grave is decorated with large sculptures made of bla. Robert Jacobsen. All sculptures are made of concrete, iron, stone and wood. The area is hilly and can provide the basis for much fun.
Bridge Walking
You can go to Sydney. Or Lillebælt. The walk will take approx. 2 hours, including security instructions and changing. In both places, you can walk above a bridge. Experience the height. The sinking feeling.
The German border – 1 hour by car
In Sønderjylland history has put its clear track everywhere. A trip to Germany, we also connect with shops and cross-border shops but there are lots of different sights for all ages, children as adults.
Vadehavscentret – 1 hour by car
An authentic Wadden Sea experience for both children and adults! → Here you get both a unique exhibition and guided tours to the Wadden Sea. Family-friendly activities.
Aarhus – 1 hour by car
Freedom offers experiences for young and old. Among other things, enjoy the view of Aarhus with the latest experience or go exploring in the Old Town.
Rømø – 1,5 hour by car
Rømø is a wonderful place for nature experiences and outdoor activities. The Wadden Sea can be experienced all year round and the activity calendar offers guided tours, exhibitions, experiences, concerts, events and much more.
Ribe – 1 hour by car
Awaiting you a lot of experiences in Denmark's oldest city of Ribe. Beautiful nature experiences, exciting museums, art, cozy urban environment, lots of shops / shopping opportunities, cultural events and festivals.
North Sea – 1.5 hours by car
The North Sea must be experienced very close! You will be overwhelmed by the forces that appear in a real storm and how beautiful and completely the ocean can be on a beautiful summer day.
Odense – 1 hour by car
Odense is H.C. Andersen city and Funen's capital. Here are nice pedestrian streets, lots of museums and activities, Odense Zoo. A modern city with adventurous experiences for the whole family.