You can choose between many types of accommodation at Randbøldal Camping – Nearby attractions – close to Vejle and Kolding


Here you will find practical information about conditions at the campsite, activities and attractions


Here you will find information about experiences and attractions that you will find nearby Randbøldal Camping


Experiences and Attractions

We have everything you need

Including breakfast bread, drinks, sweets and crisps

Shopping opportunities

Our shop is located at the entrance of the campsite

Right at the entrance
you will find our mini-market

Shopping facilities are just outside the tent canvas. Our shop is located at the entrance to the campsite and we have everything you need for your vacation, including bread, drinks, sweets and chips to sweeten your days.

You can pick up bread and rolls freshly baked, straight from the oven. We have plain bread, teebirkes and other traditional Danish baked goods. You can also order bread the day before, which we recommend doing in high season.

Opening hours of the shop

During the summer season, our shop is open every day from 8:00 to 21:00. In winter the shop is closed, but then the nearest shopping facilities are only 3 km from the campsite itself.