You can choose between many types of accommodation at Randbøldal Camping – Nearby attractions – close to Vejle and Kolding


Here you will find practical information about conditions at the campsite, activities and attractions


Here you will find information about experiences and attractions that you will find nearby Randbøldal Camping


Experiences and Attractions

Charge in charging points

Relax on the terrace while the car is charging

Use the Monta app

Download the Monta mobile app and you’re ready to charge your electric car

Charge your electric car at the campsite

At Randbøldal Camping it is possible to charge your electric car at our parking lot, just look for the ducks and heron painted on one of the buildings.

We have 2 stands that can be charged from via the Monta app. The Monta app can be downloaded to your phone.

Charging electric cars via other plugs around the site is not allowed. This will result in a fine of 1000 DKK at the guest’s expense.

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More than just camping

Forests - lakes
and unique nature

Explore our unique nature by hiking, cycling, fishing

Always good
atmosphere and conviviality

Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and conviviality of the square, the café and all the nooks and crannies

Accommodation near attractions, nature and forest

Stay close to Vejle and Billund's attractions such as LEGOLAND® - LEGO®House and Vejle city

A glass of wine
and good food

Enjoy breakfast or a meal with a glass of wine in our cozy cafe - Café Skjulestedet

Cycling holidays or just great bike rides in the beautiful countryside

If you don't have your own bikes, you can rent bikes on site, both manual and electric

Time for yourself and your family with a stress-free vacation in nature

Get your heart rate down and have a stress-free vacation with a good book or a glass of wine on the terrace.

Enjoy the good weather with a good glass of wine and enjoy each other's company and the beautiful nature

Here you get accommodation with peace and time to relax and a view of the beautiful nature around the campsite

Enjoy a meal on the terrace, in our outdoor areas or order in the café

Whether you cook yourself or eat in our cozy café, we're sure you won't go to bed hungry