You will find Randbøldal Camping only 12 km (15 minutes by car) from one of the world’s most famous amusement parks for children, Legoland®. The campsite is located in a valley near Vejle Å (stream), which divides Vejle into two parts. If you go for a walk in the area that surrounds the campsite, you will come across several picturesque places and many – not only beautiful – but also historical buildings.

The first industrial mill was built in Randbøldal in 1732, and in 1847 the first clothing factory was built. So you can find many (perhaps long forgotten) histories about the area. Factory buildings were unfortunately destroyed over time, and in 1984 they were completely demolished. Today you can still see a little memory from the past as the old warehouse has been allowed to remain standing. It has been used since 2003 as a museum: Randbøldal Museum. Since 1897, Randbøldal has been a tourist attraction and a diligently visited excursion. In the same year, the railways from Vejle to Billund and Grindsted were opened. Unfortunately, these are no longer in use.

There are many great adventures and experiences waiting for you when you stay with us – experiences that contribute to the memories of a good holiday.

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