Send a postcard


What is a great vacation without a greeting to those you care about?  Use our online postcard feature to send a sweet holiday memory. It takes place online, it is free to use and it only takes 2 minutes! You can also choose to send an e-mail to yourself, and you will receive some lovely holiday memories, that are waiting for you at home in your inbox.

How to send a postcard

  1. Select the image you want on your postcard
  2. Fill out the blanks
  3. Write your greeting in the “message” field
  4. Press send

Your postcard is now finished and will be sent to the e-mail address, which you have chosen to be sent to.


Ps. If you have any suggestions for motives other than those you see on the page, feel free to come to us at the front desk and we would like to hear your ideas!