Randbøldal Camping


There are many beautiful places in and around Randbøldal which makes it the ideal holiday spot for seniors. Strolling in beautiful surrounding, feel the chilly water in our freshwater lake, enjoy a relaxed Danish dinner at our café ”Skjulestedet” or enjoy life and privacy in your own caravan or tent. If you are looking for restaurants nearby please contact the reception.

Other things to do;

  • Borrow a barbeque and enjoy the evening
  • “Put and take” fishing or fish in the stream nearby
  • Hike and bike tracks in the beautiful surroundings
  • Randbøldal Museum
  • Engelsholm Castle
  • The Jelling Stones
  • The Grave of the Egtved Girl

Since 1897 Randbøldal has been a tourist attraction and a well-known vacation area. Lots of good experiences awaits you when you stay at our campsite – experiences to remember.