Randbøldal Camping

Active holiday

For your active camping holiday use one of our cabins or mobilehomes as your base or immerse yourself completely in the camping lifestyle by using a tent or camper as your base.

More than ever, we are aware of our health and the importance of activities. We exercise and focus on nutrition. An “active holiday” is a well-known type of holiday in Denmark. If you visit Randbøldal you will have lots of opportunities to combine your active holiday with a bunch of relaxation in the scenic surroundings. The area is ideal for jogging and bicycling.  .

Close to the campsite you will find Randbøl Moorland with a visitors/tourist centre. A beautiful area for a day-trip with many hinking trails both in the moorlandscape and in the beautiful forested area in Fredreikshåb Plantage, another must visit for your active camping holiday.

See our great offers on an “Active Holiday-Stay”!

Active holiday at Randbøldal Camping – for children and adults of all ages!

  • Jogging
  • Cycling
  • Mouintain biking in the forest
  • Hiking
  • Activities by our lake
  • Fishing in the nearby stream

It is possible to rent bicycles from us. 

Normal bicycles:

We offer bicycles for both adults and children. These are suitable for both road and forest paths. These are not mountainbikes. They cost 80 DKK to rent per day. 

Electric bicycles: 

We have 3 electric bicycles. It is possible to convert one of the bikes into a cargo bike. These bikes are suitable for road and forest paths. These are not mountainbikes. These costs 150 DKK to rent per day.