About Randbøldal

Randbøldal Camping is situated only 12 km (10 minutes by car) from one of the most famous theme parks for kids – Legoland®.

Randbøldal Camping is located by the river Vejle, which seperates town in two parts. Walking in the neighborhood, you pass by the picturesque spots and buildings with forgotten histories. Here in 1732 was build first industrial mill. In 1847 was founded a textile fabric. Buildings from the fabric were being destroyed by the years and in 1984 they were demolished. Today only the main building of the magazine survived, in which since 2003 you can find Randbøldal Museum. Since 1987 Randbøldal is a touristic attraction and tourists’ destination. In the same year was build a railroad from Vejle to Billund and Grindsted but it doesn’t work today.